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The Corporate Event

The Corporate Event provides the opportunity for you and your guests to escape the typical corporate party and step into and unforgettable experience. Your guests will retreat from the daily hustle to socialize and party in a custom created environment. Add Level11 to your team and we’ll help you plan your next corporate event, whether it is a trade show, customer event, sales meeting, holiday event or even an employee appreciation party.

The Corporate Event provides a unique and engaging atmosphere that inspires your guests to step out and have fun! The Corporate Event can include many different elements, such as:

  • professional MCs and event hosts
  • knowledgeable, professional DJs with extensive music knowledge
  • live video DJs mixing music videos on big screens
  • live musicians playing with a DJ
  • custom illuminated lounge furniture
  • transformative mood lighting and special effects
  • other unique entertainers and ideas

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