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Martin D'Arce

It’s been said that the backbone of a party is the DJ. If that statement rings true, then Dr. D’Arce is perhaps connected to every bone in the body of nightlife – not only through his deejaying, but through his alternate occupation as a chiropractor. For years, Dr. D’Arce has made it his mission to rock parties, corporate events, and neighborhood festivities. And he’s just getting warmed up...

Born in the Bronx, but relocating to Long Island at five years old, Dr. D’Arce pursued his love affair with deejaying at a young age, working local parties and events through a DJ company as their dancer. His desire to become a part of deejaying was strong, and one fateful day, D’Arce came home to find a full DJ sound system as a gift from his parents. That initially sparked his future career and he hasn’t looked back since.

While deejaying involves strong hand-eye coordination to manipulate vinyl, so does Dr. D’Arce’s other duties as a chiropractor and martial artist. His deejaying grew so strong, that his chiropractic practice was placed on hold to pursue his first love. While deejaying might not be the most conventional way to heal people, the power of music and making people dance is strong, and Dr. D’Arce puts his all into guaranteeing that every member of his crowd leaves happy.

Since mixing music has no borders, Dr. D’Arce also books private events and small gatherings like weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and after parties. Dr. D’Arce brings to light the dream that many involved in music hope to achieve someday – the title of full-time DJ and partystarter. It isn’t everyday that a chiropractor with a set of turntables could make magic and Dr. D’Arce is proof that focus and love of the craft can travel a long way…around the world and back.


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