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Chris "CT" Taylor

Chris "CT" Taylor set his mind on two goals when he finished High School -- have fun while working and help the sick and injured. Little did he know, he would be able to achieve both goals early in life. CT first started deejaying during the early 90's underground scene in Southern California while he was serving a four year commitment in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman. CT worked with the Marines as their medical support as well as with local party promoters as a deejay.

With his service done, CT moved back to Minnesota to continue achieving both goals with a slightly different focus. CT moved from underground parties to weddings and from combat medicine to the x-ray suite. It was during this stage of life that CT met his future. Offered a job deejaying for DJU, CT began learning the art of throwing a party, not just being a deejay.

A decade later, now a father of two school aged boys, CT still embodies those same goals. He helps the sick and injured as an X-ray technician and CPR instructor. And through forming Celebration Solutions with Sarge, CT has thrown some of the best parties in the Twin Cities over the last five year. CT is excited for the next evolution of entertainment as he reunites with his mentors at Baer Productions to start the fun all over again!



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