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Tips on Hiring a DJ - Experience

Experience. With today’s pop culture, DJs are becoming more and more popular. Anybody can buy a laptop, download some music, rent some speakers and lights, and call themselves a DJ! While they may have the tools, most will have no idea how to properly use them.

Two quotes to think about:

“Remember, there are only a few doctors, lawyers, plumbers, etc., everybody thinks they’re a DJ!”

“I must be a professional, my business card says I am.”

Always check for experience and most importantly, do they have references? If not, how can you check if you’re getting a great DJ or somebody that simply says they are. A reputable DJ will have references from past clients. A great resource is to ask where they have performed and ask the venue for references. They see a number of DJ and can give you unbiased feedback.

Hope that helps and check back here for more tips.

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