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The Level11 Difference - Planning

Do you realize that planning can take your event from "oh" to "outstanding!"  This is the time to consider everything you want to do and make sure every detail is addressed, so you get the type of event you envisioned.

Face it, most brides have been planning their wedding their whole life.  The flowers, the dresses, the vows and even a special place.  You want to get the best photographer to capture those precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments.  You want to make sure the food is prepared properly and timed to your timeline, not theirs.  You want your wedding to be perfect.  What you don't want is stress and missed details due to miscommunication between the professionals you hire.

That is where Level11 makes a difference.  Rather then sending you a list of music to select from, our approach is hands-on!  When we work with our brides, we take the time to plan every detail.  Do you want a special grand march into your first dance?  Your photographer needs to know that before we start to make sure he or she is in the right spot for the best pictures.  Do you want to start getting your crowd dancing earlier?  If so, you need to plan with the venue and caterer to ensure the food is ready when you are.

When you take the time, you can focus on your vision.  We make sure your bouquet toss is done the way you want it, not how "they always do it".  When everybody is on the same page with the plan, your stress is lower and you really get to enjoy your evening.

Remember, we all have speakers, lights and music.  But do they know how to plan your event or do they just show up and "do what they do."  Is "do what they do" the same event week after week?  You are more then just a music list or next week’s gig!  Are you ready to make your event different and special? This is why planning is so important.  This is where Level11 can make a difference.

Written by Level 11 Team

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